from Captain to Admirals of the Fleet
Willis A. Lee Thomas Ross Cooley
John W. Wilcox, Jr.


H.H.J. Bensen G. B. Davis J. E. Maher
T. R. Cooley R. F. Good F.X. McInerney

RADM John W. Wilcox, Jr. RADM John W. Wilcox, Jr.
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VADM Willis A. Lee

VADM Willis A. Lee

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Change Of Command Change of Command - Lee to Cooley Admiral Lee
Admiral Cooley
Admiral Thomas Ross Cooley
Admiral Thomas R. Cooley Admiral Thomas R. Cooley and Family Admiral Thomas R. Cooley Admiral Thomas R. Cooley
For More Information On Admiral T. R. Cooley - Click Here
Adm Cooley Inspects Captain Cooley inspects crew
prior to his promotion to Admiral
Captain H.H.J. Bensen, U.S.N.
May 15, 1941
July 25, 1942
Captain H.H.J. Bensen Ship's Commissioning
Convoy Escort to
Murmansk and Archangel Russia
Change Of Command From Bensen to Davis Bensen to Davis
Captain G. B. Davis, U.S.N.
July 25, 1942
April 27, 1943
Captain G. B. Davis USN Sinking of Kirishima and Ayanami
during the "Third Battle of Savo "
Operation GALVANIC
Change of Command Davis to Maher Davis to Maher
Captain J. E. Maher, USN
April 27, 1943
April 23, 1944
Captain J.E. Maher Bombardment of Nauru,
Kavieng Raids,
Bombardment of Kwajalein,
Collision with Indiana
Captain Thomas Ross Cooley, USN
April 23, 1944
November 16, 1944
Captain Thomas Ross Cooley USN Bombardment of Siapan and Battle of the Philippine Sea,
Air strikes on Palau Islands,
Air strikes on Okinawa, Tiawan, Lozon, and Visayan Islands,
Battles for Leyte Gulf
For More Information On Admiral T. R. Cooley - Click Here
Change of Command Cooley to Good Cooley to Good
Captain R.F. Good, USN
Nov 16, 1944
June 3, 1945
Captain R. F. Good USN Encounter with typhoon
Air strikes on Okinawa, Indochina, Canton, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Tokyo, Kyushu
Bombardment of Iwo Jima, Okinawa
Support of Okinawa operations
Captain F.X. McInerney, USN
June 5, 1945
Captain F. X. McInerney Operation "Magic Carpet"
transporting soldiers from England
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